This, too, will pass. Remind yourself the lessons you learned.

These are undoubtedly crazy times. And hopefully, times that soon will be behind us and we won't experience again.

But times of crisis are also times of opportunity. This unique experience has led us to reconsider things we took for granted, to appreciate things whose value we never had quite realized.

Make the most of these lessons.

Write a letter to your post-quarantine self, to automatically receive on a date you choose - when you believe all this will be long behind.

Remind that future version of yourself, who is now once again used to normal life, that once upon a time you were really looking forward to a lot of normal things. Hold that future self accountable to meet your friends more often, to visit your grandparents, to party, to travel, to simply give more hugs.

Because quarantine taught you how special all these normal things actually are.

☕Made in quarantine by dimnls. 💡Inspired by #metatinkarantina.

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